Cables, Wires and Accessories for Automation Technology

The automation industry is growing steadily - trends such as digitalization or Industry 4.0 offer a wide range of opportunities and are causing rapid change in the industry. As a result, the degree of automation in factories is continuously increasing and expanding to more and more areas - automation technology is becoming a key technology. The automation of measurement, control and regulation of plants usually means that productivity and profitability are increased. At the same time, this relieves and protects people from dangerous or physically demanding work - while maintaining consistently high quality and reliability. All components used must therefore meet the highest requirements in terms of speed, accuracy and reliability. At the same time, the components, including cables, wires and cable accessories, must be able to withstand high mechanical and dynamic stresses.

As the world's leading manufacturer of cables and wires for automation technology, HELUKABEL is the ideal partner when the highest demands are placed on the transmission of signals and energy. We offer products suited to your application in the following areas:

  • Motor, Servo, Feedback and Hybrid Cables (One Cable Technology)
  • Robot Cables
  • Single Conductors and Control Cables
  • Data and Bus Cables
  • Industrial Ethernet Cables

Whether a flexible cable for fixed installation or for occasional movements, with UL/CSA approval or according to NFPA 79, HELUKABEL offers the optimal cable solution.

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