High-Quality Cables for Photovoltaic Projects

PVO International handles the procurement for large-scale solar projects across Europe and supplies their customers with all the components required for the construction of photovoltaic systems - including cables, which are preferably purchased from HELUKABEL. High quality, availability, short delivery times and an excellent service characterised by flexibility make HELUKABEL a favoured supplier.

solar cable

PVO International, procurement partner for large-scale solar projects, relies on cables and wires from HELUKABEL. (Source: PVO International)

The transition towards renewable energies is one of the most important tasks to combat climate change, and solar energy is one of the key technologies in this fight. PVO International is committed to this field. The company, headquartered in Rosmalen, Netherlands, is one of Europe's leading companies when it comes to the procurement of solar panels, inverters, batteries, charging stations, cables and mounting materials for large-scale solar projects. These projects include large-scale rooftop projects, large-scale residential projects and utility solar projects. PVO organises the entire procurement process for its commercial customers and offers optimal logistics solutions alongside excellent service. Years of experience, profound market knowledge and a comprehensive supplier network are the hallmarks of the specialist.

Quality and availability are crucial for customers

"It is particularly important to us that all the products we offer fulfil high quality standards," Jan-Willem Jansen, Operational Buyer at PVO International, describes. "This is how we help our customers ensure the long-lasting functionality of their photovoltaic systems." As a distributor, PVO does not install the systems itself. "Nevertheless, we ensure that all the components we supply are easy to install in order to minimise the effort required on the customer’s end." In addition, installers and users emphasise the importance of availability – and, of course, an attractive price.

"We are constantly in close contact with our suppliers in order to get the right material for our customers at the best conditions," Jansen explains. "We rely on long-term partners who satisfy our high standards." When it comes to the cables required for wiring the solar systems, PVO prefers to count on HELUKABEL: the specialist in electrical connection technology supplies SOLARFLEX-X DC cables, among other products, which are used as a connection between the individual solar modules and to connect the inverters. Various AC cables, earthing cables and data cables are also supplied.

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PVO International handles the procurement for large-scale solar projects across Europe and supplies their customers with all the components required for the construction of photovoltaic systems. (Source: PVO International)

A successful cooperation since 2017

"We have been working with HELUKABEL since 2017," Jan-Willem Jansen recalls. "We particularly appreciate the clear and timely communication between our companies that stems from our collaborative relationship". Jansen also highlights the short delivery times that HELUKABEL ensures thanks to its international and state-of-the-art logistics network. "Even more, the quality is always high with HELUKABEL: for example, if we need cables that are certified according to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) for a specific country, we can get these without any problems." Extensive tests, performed by HELUKABEL in its own test laboratory, are key to ensuring that the cables will reliably withstand the loads in practice.

HELUKABEL’s excellent service characterised by flexibility is also highly valued by Jansen. "We know that we will always be helped, even with last minute orders and special requests," he emphasises. "Our customers are fully satisfied with HELUKABEL products - and when they are, so are we."

Portrait Jansen
Jan-Willem Jansen, Operational Buyer at PVO International (Source: PVO International)

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